Byusing this website, you agree to the terms and conditions, andprivacy policy, of the “Stock Image Factory” (herein aftermentioned as SIF, for brevity and convenience). If you do not agreeto either the terms and conditions or the privacy policy, please stopusing this website with immediate effect. Any usage of the Websiteamounts to deemed acceptance of terms and conditions, and privacypolicy.

  1. Definitionsand Meaning

    1. Mostof the terms used herein have been defined in detail in the Termsand Conditions document.

    2. Ifany term is not defined in the “Terms and Conditions” then,meaning of such term shall be the same as is colloquially definedby the context, and also shall be ascertained by its Dictionarymeaning, in that sequence, unless expressly defined.

  1. InformationCollected

    1. Certaininformation which is collected from the User may be stored by SIF.

    2. That,such information may contain personally identifiable informationsuch as first name, last name, city of residence, country ofresidence, email address, mailing address (postal address), detailsof communication such as telephone, mobile, fax, telex, etc.

    3. That,such information may also include IP address used for accessing thewebsite, including but not limited to openly available informationwith regards to ISP, etc.

    4. That,in case a purchase is made, information such as choice of mode ofpayment, such as debit card, credit card, internet bank accountdetails, etc. may be stored

    5. That,in no case is such information stored, unless and until the same isprovided for by the User of his own accord in the format soprovided for. That, if in case any information is wrongly entered,then, such incorrect information may also be stored.

    6. That,in addition to the above, information may also be collected whichdoes not identify the User in any manner whatsoever. The same mayinclude IP addresses, the type of browser (e.g., Internet Explorer,Firefox, Safari), the operating system (e.g., Vista, Windows XP,Mac OS), the name of ISP, the search terms used on the Website, thespecific web pages visited, and the duration of your visits.

    7. That,SIF may either collect such information themselves, or throughverified and authorized third party supports.

  1. Useof such information collected

    1. That,information so supplied may be used for the following purposes:

      1. Createand manage account (customer services), including billingservices, credit facilities, et cetera

      2. Tofacilitate services by using information to identify the user, byway of cookies, past usage history, et cetera

      3. Tofacilitate services, by using third party affiliate services,

      4. Toupdate the user / contact the user with regards to changes to ourservices / products, promotions, et cetera

      5. Toanticipate and resolve the problems that may otherwise be faced bythe user, if necessary by using AI

      6. Tounderstand better the needs and desires of the user in order toenable SIF to serve the user better

    1. SIFexpressly makes a statement and acknowledges that the personalinformation so collected shall not be used for any purpose otherthan the above, with express written consent from the user, save asprovided for by law (exception in sub-clause e) That, the saidinformation so collected is necessary for the above purposes. That,the same shall not be shared with any third party services for anydirect profit, apart from SIF’s third party affiliates forprocessing of such information.

    2. That,the user shall have the right examine and understand the extent ofinformation collected by SIF. The user can write to SIF and for areasonable administrative fee, gain a copy of the informationavailable with SIF with regards to his / her account.

    3. That,at all points of time, the information so collected and stored bySIF, which is otherwise expressly deemed to have been permitted bythe User, shall be that of the User himself and that, the Usershall be within his / her rights to request for deletion of thesame or request for changes to the same or request that it may beedited. Subject to adequacy of reason, the said request shall behonoured by SIF.

    4. That,the data / information collected by SIF shall be shared withAffiliated Service Providers; where required by the law with lawenforcement agencies, armed with necessary warrants / requests;with internal / external statistical agencies for website ratings;and with third party financial transaction assistance websites suchas visa, paypal, et cetera.

  1. That,so far as possible and practical, the information collected by SIFshall be stored on servers / computers within the territory of Indiaand that the same shall not be made subject to any internationaltransfer of data. However, this Privacy Policy in any manner doesnot assure the user of such storage in India and that the Userconsents to storage in any location which is convenient for the SIFteam.

  2. That,the usage of this website shall be governed along with the Terms andConditions, which are found on the website, in addition to theinstant privacy policy.

  3. That,SIF expressly stipulates that the instant website is meant for useby individuals who are above the age of 18 (or 21, or 25 in somecases / jurisdictions) and that, by any collection of any personalinformation from such person who is legally not permitted by law togive consent is a case of fraud being played on this website and onSIF by such User.

  4. That,by using this website, the User expressly agrees that the user hasread, understood and comprehended the terms of this Privacy Policyand has no reservations with regards to the same.


  1. That,“Stock Image Factory” (herein after mentioned as SIF, forbrevity and convenience) is a website-based service for highdefinition pre clicked photographs being available for use against apayment. That, all other related websites, software, mobile apps,and other services offered, either by SIF directly, or through thirdparty collaboration shall be deemed to be governed by these Termsand Conditions of Usage.

  1. That,it is expressly provided for that by using this website, you agreeto the terms and conditions, and privacy policy, of the “StockImage Factory” (herein after mentioned as SIF, for brevity andconvenience). If you do not agree to either the terms and conditionsor the privacy policy, please stop using this website with immediateeffect. Any usage of the Website amounts to deemed acceptance ofterms and conditions, and privacy policy.

  1. That,these Terms and Conditions of Usage (TCU) are binding on each Userand that, the same is intentional of formulating and by expressaction of the user of using the website is deemed to constitute abinding agreement which is otherwise enforceable in law. Therefore,by using this website, the user admits to having read the terms andconditions of this agreement and also be bound by this TCU.

  1. That,SIF reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at anypoint of time, without any prior notice.

  1. That,SIF puts user to the notice that these terms and conditions aregoverned by a force majeure clause.

  1. That,the user has the option of creating a user account on the website sothat certain additional functions of the website-based services canbe accessed, the user understands the same and also understands thatthe collection of data shall be governed by the Privacy Policy ofSIF.

  1. That,the user understands that the entire intellectual property which isotherwise owned by SIF may be visible to the user by means of thesaid website. However, for all practical purposes, SIF shallcontinue to be the sole owner of all right, title, and interest insuch Intellectual Property, whether registered or not, and that, theuser shall be duty bound to take all necessary steps as are requiredunder the law. That, without limitations, SIF makes it clear thatthe said intellectual property in form of designs, copyright,patents, trademarks, geographical indicators, circuit designs, etcetera, is protected under the requisite law in appropriatejurisdictions and that, any breach /infringement thereof shall bepunishable with the applicable law. That, the user to avoid suchaction for breach / infringement which may otherwise be initiated bySIF, shall necessarily license the content to themselves by applyingto SIF and by purchasing the usage rights.

  1. Thatin any case / contingency, the user waives the right to initiate anyinfringement / breach claims against SIF. That, the user expresslywaives the right to initiate and sustain such an infringement /breach action. The user shall be at liberty to serve SIF with acease and desist notice and that shall be the end of the user’sstatutory and / or common law rights.

  1. Theuser understands that the use of this website is not error free andin case of any untoward incident, resulting from the authorized /unauthorized usage of this website, SIF shall not be responsible forthe same. The same includes but is not limited to virus attack,third party websites, loss of money over payment portals, et cetera.The user indemnifies SIF from all such liability which may arise andstates that SIF shall not be responsible for the same.

  1. That,in case of any dispute arising out of the currency of these termsand conditions and / or relating to its interpretation, the sameshall be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed by SIF upon arequest in writing. That such arbitration proceedings shall be inEnglish and the seat of arbitration shall be Nagpur. That, theproceedings shall strictly follow the CPC and that, the arbitratorso appointed shall have a mandate for a period of one year. That,the proceedings / appointment shall be governed by the Arbitrationand Conciliation Act, 1996 along with the 2015 amendment, or itssubsequent enactment, as the case may be.

  1. That,these terms and conditions shall be read in consonance with all thelaws prevelant in India as would otherwise be applicable in theterritorial limits of Nagpur (Maharashtra, India).

  1. That,these terms of use and / or privacy policy shall prevail over allother contrary, non enforceable agreements, rules, covenants, etcetera, and in case of any dispute inter se, the terms andconditions of this terms of use shall prevail over the privacypolicy.

*Credit(s) are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Before purchasing please read Terms & Conditions

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