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Ananthamoola / Naruneendi / Nannari / Hemidesmus indicus

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Hemidesmus indicus also known as Ananthamoola or Naruneendi or Nannari in dried steam and powder form. It's a useful Ayurvedic medicine from India

Alternative Anant Anantamul Ananthamoola Aroma Aromatic Asian Aushbahe-hindi Ayurveda Ayurvedic Dried Drinkable Dust Endless Fine Health Hemidesmus Herbal Herbs Indian Indicus Iramusu Maeen Medicated Medicinal Medicine Mool Nannari Naruneendi Natural Organic Powder Root Roots Saarana Sariva Sarsaparilla Surface Therapy Tribal Vel Wooden Yasamine-barri

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