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Dried ShikAritha or Reetha and oil. Soap-nuts is used as the main iakai and Reetha OR Soapnut Powder in a bowl, selective focus

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Aritha or Reetha and oil. Soap-nuts is used as the main ingredient in soaps and shampoos also known as Sapindus emarginatus

Alternative Aurveda Ayurveda Background Beauty Berry Biological Chinese Clean Cleaner Closeup Color Dee Detergent Emetic Foam Foam Soap Green Hair Herbal Kwai Laundry Lychee Makam Microbial Mukorossi Natural Neutral Nut Oil Organic Rarak Reetha Ritha Round Sapindus Saponin Seeds Shampoo Shrub Soap Soap Nut Soapberry Soapnut Spa Surfactant Tree Wash Wash Nut White

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