Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stock Image Factory and how does it work?

Stock Image Factory is a website of stock photography and contains 100's of Royalty-Free stock images, which can be purchased by the end user for a charge. We create original content(photographs) and post it on website. The prices of these images vary according to the size you choose to buy.

What is Stock photography?

Stock photography are photographs or images that are to be used for commercial or editorial purposes, which include a variety of material such as advertisements, brochures, articles, product packaging etc. These images or photographs are mostly used by artists, website designers, graphic designers and bloggers. The scope of usage of these photographs is governed by Royalty-Free License.

What does Royalty-Free mean?

Royalty-Free means that a photograph or an image is available for use as many times and as many places you wish to. You will pay a one-time fee and will be able to use the image any number of times without paying additional royalties.

You can send a message to our e-mail address at or send us a message directly through the site. Please note, that if you are not logged in, you should enter your e-mail id in order to get ananswer. Alternatively, you can call us on: India: +91 - 9823027157

What browsers are compatible with the site?

Currently Stock Image Factory is compatible with many popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and more. If you experience problems accessing Stock Image Factory through any compatible browser, please inform us at or send us a message directly through the site (will this be working?

What are the limits for image downloading?

There is no limit. Once you add an image or photograph to the cart and after your payment process is completed, you can download the image or photograph (or re-download the same image in future, for free)

Can I share my login/password with my friends/colleagues?

No. As per the Terms of Use, your account can only be used by you. Violation of this policy will result in the suspension of your account.

Can I register several accounts at the site?

Yes, you can create more than one account using a different email address each time, to register a new account on the site.

Should my browser accept cookies?

Yes. For the website to function properly, you need to make sure that the browser preferences on your computer are set to accept cookies from third party sites.

How do I look for a specific image?

Stock Image Factory is equipped with an intuitive and powerful search engine that allows you to search for images quite easily. All you need to do is check our categories to filter your search results or you can just enter a few keywords describing the image you’re looking for and choose the one from the search results.

What language should be used when entering keywords to search for images?

You should use popular keywords in English or Hindi to get the best results.

Can I search without being registered?

Yes. It is not mandatory for you to be registered on the site to download free images. You can search and download free images without registering on our site. The images or photographs that you download without registering on the site will carry a watermark.

Am I limited to the amount of time I have to download an image after I purchase it?

Once you have purchased an image, you can download an image any number of times, and only if you still have an active account on

How can I search the images using Photo Id?

You can search using the Photo ID that appears in the Image details page or below the thumbnail images displayed on the Search Results page. Enter this Image ID in the Search box and press "Search" button.

How can I get rights to the images I purchase?

The images you purchase from Stock Image Factory are under the Royalty-Free license. This means that

When I download an Image, where does it get saved on my computer?

If you use Internet Explorer or Opera browser, you indicate the location where to want to save the file. If you use Mozilla’s Firefox, downloaded images are saved by default on your computer's desktop. However, Firefox gives you the option to change this with each download.

Is it possible to purchase a single image?

Yes, you can purchase even one image only on Stock Image Factory.

What are the sizes of the photographs at the site? Does the price depend on the image size?

The images sold on Stock Image Factory come in two sizes and you will have to pay according to the size you choose to buy.

Small : 1000 px x 667px (72 DPI)
Price: INR 99.00 / image

Large : 7360 px x 4912 px (300 DPI)
Price: INR 499.00/ image

How do I purchase an image?

You need to be a registered user of the site to purchase an image and download it.

Is it possible to return an image that’s already been purchased?

Yes. Only If the downloaded image is somehow corrupted or damaged or is of low quality. It is highly recommended that you read the technical information and description of the images carefully before you decide to download it. In the event, the image you’ve purchased is a low-quality image, please contact us on or send us a message directly through the site.

Can I download the same image several times?

Yes, in My Collections section you can find all you previous orders, new collection and shared collection with you.
If you paid for that image then you can download several times.

*Credit(s) are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Before purchasing please read Terms & Conditions

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